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What do you do when the workload gets too heavy?
May 25, 2008, 9:24 pm
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I have heard several small business owners whine about a workload and claim they couldn’t possibly market for new clients. This would put them under pressure that couldn’t handle.

You don’t ever want to find yourself in the position of turning down work. The only way to avoid it is to plan ahead.

Most all community colleges as well as universities offer opportunities for business students to work as interns during their course of studies.

Interns are just like any other potential employee, some are worth having and some aren’t. Look around your region and check out potential interns after your doors are open for awhile. Make some phone calls and set up appointments. Don’t take on this during a time when you are swamped. Do it beforehand.

Take the time to establish a phone relationship with several department heads and let them know your needs. That way, if your appointments don’t work out, the department head just might do some digging for you.

Take working with an intern seriously and do just as much screening as you would do with a permanent employee. And, who knows, if the semester works out and your business continues to grow, he/she just might be back as an employee.

If you are not lucky enough to live around any college, you may want to look to teens, either in your family or your colleagues. They can turn out to be great assistants. A side benefit is they can use their experience with you as a leg-up when they go out and look for their first real job.

It also helps to know others in your same profession. Belong to professional organizations, so you may have a chance to offer a work overload to someone who you are already familiar with.

New business owners frequently have short-term huge projects. It wouldn’t be wise to bring someone on full term if they just have to be let go a couple of months down the road.

Now that you have these keys, don’t be afraid of having too many projects come in. During my time running my own public relations firm, I used my teenagers and members of my writing groups. My best friend brought in interns every semester. It worked out well for all involved.

It simply takes planning and acknowledging that an overload is going to bang on your door as sure as the sun is going to rise tomorrow. Failing to plan for it could be tragic to your business. Don’t let it happen

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