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The California legislators have run amuck
April 22, 2009, 6:05 am
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Stop hurting the little people.  Things will not go right.  I’m sure the pressure of the ongoing budget crisis has pushed their reasoning powers to the limit.  The latest article on the issue was front page news April 14 in the Sacramento Bee.

The time it is not only SSI disbursement but what is allowed under Medi Cal.  They are talking about taking out our trips to the eye doctor and the dentist.  This is a very big part of life for those who will go without if this is removed.

The percentage of monthly checks this time around is 2.3 percent.  In case you are not up-to-date on the issue, there is already one cut scheduled for May 1.  Yes I, too, am a SSI recipient.  However, my monthly disbursement is now divided between retirement benefits and the disability fund.  Translated, this means the cut for me is smaller.

The example used in the Bee talked of a man who was going to lose more than $20 a month and for him that was a big thing.  For me, that’s a week’s worth of groceries.

It isn’t easy earning SSI benefits.  It can be a fight that lasts two or three years; and now, we find out the fight isn’t over yet.

Now, this isn’t the whole picture.  When it comes to who is cutting what, I always turn the California State Controller’s website: .  According to a small piece on the homepage, California has enough money to pay its bills for the rest of the year.  Ok, so what’s going on?  I have found conflicting information more than once on this site.  If anyone knows, they aren’t talking.

Now, let’s get realistic about the budget issue.  There are only so many cuts one can make and continue to have a budget work at all.  If cutting allowances was the answer, the budget crisis would have been over years ago.  It’s time to start thinking more realistically.  The biggest contributor to any state’s budget is the businesses that call the state home.  California hasn’t been a friendly place for business for years.  All you have to do is look at any Chamber of Commerce’s roster of businesses and see how many were there five or ten years ago. I am talking about increasing revenue.

It is simple: start a committee whose sole purpose is to seduce businesses back to the state.  I don’t care what it takes.  Promise them no taxes for six months.  It doesn’t matter.  More business means more jobs; more production; more sales tax; more buying and a large increase in the state’s GDP.  It means that things, economically speaking, will improve and show the rest of the world how to conqueror a budget problems.  Cuts only work in the short run.  What I am proposing will change the long run picture and the positive effects will be here long after the current state legislators have retired and turned the reins over to the next bunch.

In the meantime, stop picking on the little guy.  It’s a shame and it should embarrass those currently in office.  How are they going to explain themselves to any parents or relatives who are on SSI?  This whole pattern needs to be revamped.


Laura Bell



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