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How versatile are you?
June 8, 2009, 12:47 am
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I ran into an old friend online this past week.  We chatted about my problems and then he got to what was on his mind.  He wasn’t doing so hot and was very angry about it.  I met him when he was in his late 20s.  He was going to school and working on a degree in accounting.  He also worked on computers as a sideline.  Now, he is working in the corporate world and very frustrated.  Well, you know it’s all been drummed into our heads that if we work hard, things should go well for us in life. That axiom only holds true when the economy is moving at a healthy pace.

So, we can see by that reasoning simple hard work isn’t going to guarantee us anything other than we might be farther down on the pink slip list.  What is one to do?

I told him about four years ago when I was too ill to sit in front of a computer and I was stuck with just my disability check. I found an out.  I have always crocheted and took it back up.  I started a small project.  Others were astonished and before I knew it, I was in the crochet business.  It turned into a nice supplemental income.

The demand for computer repairs isn’t what it once was.  If someone gets too frustrated, they simply buy a new one.  Sometimes, the repair costs just aren’t worth it.  But my friend could still keep another revenue stream going with the knowledge he has.  I am thinking he was in the state of just wanting to complain.  He wasn’t interested in pursuing another outlet at the time.

We can’t afford to sit still and wait for things to get better.  Because, truth be told, the market niche you’re in might not get better. Sitting still and tensing over every negative report on the economy is going to do anything but make you ill and ready for the unemployment line.

Do you have a decent job that might be around for awhile, but has you going nowhere?  Sign up for night classes and latch on to another skill before the pink slip shows up on your desk.

Douglas Adams, since deceased, came to fame with his series of “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.”  The inside jacket of the books revealed what he had to done to earn a living before he got the writing bug.  One stands out in my memory.  He had been a ditch digger.  We all need secondary skills if we wish to keep the roof over our heads and food on the table.

Many have hobbies that can be turned into revenue streams if push comes to shove.  Well, push has come to shove for most of us.  Handmade items always have a market no matter how bad things are.  For small fees these items can be sold on eBay.  If you have sewing skills, there is a market.  People throw clothes away these days because they don’t want to take the trouble to get them altered.

If you had a talent for languages back in college, sign on to one of those programs that promises you will be speaking like a native.  Check out your local court system and find out about their need for translators.  People with language skills have doors open that are closed to the rest of us.

If you are in a corporate environment where you feel there might be some cutbacks close to you, take on extra work your colleagues can’t seem to get to.  This way you may learn just a little something extra that might keep you around longer than your colleagues.

Look for anyway to keep a Plan B going and in this state of affairs, you might even have to go a few letters down the alphabet in order to keep all your bases covered.  Stop griping about what isn’t happening and learn something new so you can make it happen.



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